— Interface & experience design
— Branding
— Illustration


Beginning in 2013, I started working closely with the product team at WeatherBug. The initial range of work began with reinterpreting their user interfaces and experiences within their mobile and desktop products. Below are examples of the initial redesign launch.

Work completed at Harbr.

Along with the UI/UX changes, I was tasked with updating the bulk of their graphical elements. That of which included a redesign of WeatherBug's wide range of informational icons and unique weather conditions. ↧


From the numerous graphic icons created, included were such items for lifestyle weather reports and layer icons for selecting radar views within the maps view. ↧


Alerts are an important component to the WeatherBug system. Initial widget models for weather alert notifications were designed for iOS and OS X within Notification Centers. ↧


Soon after the initial launch of the Apple Watch, WeatherBug took upon the initiative to supplement its iOS app. The watch app serves as an extension for quick conditional glances and notification alerts, especially at times of inclement weather.  ↧


Another evolving product within the company, WeatherBug Home is a utility bringing analytical data and business/consumer engagement for optimal energy consumption. The enterprise team sought a redesign for their Energy Insight Portal, seeking a streamlined, concise and cohesive experience for its users.  ↧


Opposite their enterprise utility, the consumer side was extended to host an in-app experience within their primary WeatherBug mobile app, for iOS, Android and Amazon. Users are able to connect their Wi-Fi thermostat or local utility account, allowing monitoring of actual energy usage.  ↧


In 2015, the Harbr team was asked to present a proposal to bring the logo-branding some new life. As I was given the indepth task of creating a range of logo options, our team collaborated to create full brand presentations, with refreshed offerings of color, typography, and mock views. Unfortunately, WeatherBug chose to go with their internal department in choosing a final option.  ↧